Courses Taught

Introductory Sociology for Healthcare Professions (Spring 2017, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2015, Boston College)

Medical Sociology (Spring 2017, Boston College)

Regression Models for Categorical Data (Fall 2016, Fall 2015, Boston College)

Teaching Philosophy

1. I seek to teach not only foundational knowledge/skills, but also enthusiasm for the subject and the process of research.
2. Students learn best when they are active participants in their own learning; fostering critical thinking and writing is fundamental to achieve this goal.
3. Everyone learns in different ways, and great teachers adapt their teaching methods to appeal to varying learning styles.
4. I expect excellence from every student in my class, and in return, I strive to provide quality teaching through lifelong learning.
5. There is always room to improve.  For excellence in teaching, I constantly evaluate myself as a teacher, and make appropriate changes when needed.

Teaching Interests (Graduate and Undergraduate Levels)

Sociology of Health:
       ♦  Historical and Social Determinants of Health
       ♦  Social Epidemiology
       ♦  Work, Family, and Health
Life Course:
       ♦  Historical Timing and Life Chances
       ♦  Cumulative Advantage/Disadvantage in Health and Well-Being over the Life Course
       ♦  Gender Inequality in Health
       ♦  Reproduction of Gender Inequality within Family
Statistics and Quantitative Methodology:
       ♦  Categorical Data Analysis
       ♦  Mixed-Effects/Multilevel Models
       ♦  Survival Analysis
       ♦  Survey Methodology
       ♦  Group-Randomized Trials
       ♦  Causal Inference

Selected Student Comments: Introductory Sociology for Healthcare Professions

What are the strengths of this course?

“The organization and flexibility of the syllabus, and the teacher herself! Also, the quizzes and tests still challenged us to study but were fair.”

“This course was a very cohesive introduction to Sociology, complete with pertinent examples from the medical world. The instructor acknowledged that many of the students were taking the course in order to prepare for the MCAT, and she was exceptional at gearing the course towards this end. I feel very prepared for the MCAT.”

“EVERYTHING. I LOVED THIS COURSE AND LOVED PROFESSOR FAN. She is so knowledgable and friendly.”

“very interactive and group discussions were productive”

“Very thorough, we went through a lot of material in this semester and while some it was “boring”, her lectures always incorporated videos or data or interactive discussions that helped demonstrate important concepts and broke up the monotony of the class. I always walked away from class learning new things and I really appreciated that about this class. It related many things to the Healthcare profession which I found very useful as a basis.”

“The topics we cover are interesting and Professor Fan is awesome.”

“Despite this being a larger class, there are opportunities to participate in small groups and with the entire class. Professor Fan wants students to focus on learning the material, as opposed to getting a good grade- and her intention really did help me to learn the material.”

“This course explores many different topics of sociology. Although focused primarily on healthcare, it offers the chance to explore gender, religion, education, etc.The grading system in this course is really great too. It allows students to focus on the material instead of getting an A in the end.”

“The examples and videos are very engaging and help to comprehend the material. Loved the essays and applying the theories to the real world.”

“This course successfully presents sociological ideas and terms in the context of healthcare. We had a variety of assignments (quizzes, papers, exams, participation logs) so the course was tailored to enabling everyone the opportunity to do well. Prof. Fan incorporates many graphs/videos in her powerpoints which is extremely helpfu.”

“A great professor that is always quite prepared for class. Also the quizzes and other assignments are all very doable.”

“The information we learn is general at first, but then is applied to healthcare and that is very interesting and makes what we are learning applicable to the careers all of the students in the class hope to pursue.”

“Prof. Wen Fan is excellent, cares about the material, and values students opinions.”

“-well organized
-Prof. is very competent with material
-provides interesting life examples, videos, articles, etc
-essay prompts were interesting and relevant
-helpful to understanding the material.”

“It’s extremely interesting, enlightening and what I consider important information that everyone should learn. It was also presented in an interesting way with a lot of videos to keep students engaged.”

“The professor truly cares about the students and wants them to do well. She is very interested in the material and makes it interesting by relating the material to relevant concepts and showing interesting videos.”

“The professor went over important sociological concepts in a clear, straightforward manner. I felt like I learned the concepts very well from just going to class, which made reviewing and studying much easier. The material was interesting and relevant, which is also a big plus. Finally, the class was realistic in its expectations. The videos were very helpful and interesting as well.”

“Very organized, lots of in-class videos to provide real-life, current examples of sociological concepts. Instructor gives clear explanations, accurate syllabus, she’s open to answer questions.”

“The course covered various topics and a lot of material while still explaining the material well. The weekly quizzes were beneficial because they made you study the material each week, which made studying for the mid-term a lot easier. The videos and other examples we talked about in class were relevant and also very interesting.”

“- professor is enthusiastic, wants to make this a good class
– examples that supplement material are interesting
– paper topics are interesting, I actually enjoyed writing them
– geared toward premeds”

Would you recommend this course to other students, majors, etc.? Why or why not?

“Yes, to all majors and people who are interested in the effects of healthcare in a broader sense. I just feel like it’s an important subject to be educated on.”

“Yes, the class is intellectually stimulating, and it may force you to think about society in a different perspective.”

“Any student looking towards professional schools will find this course to be useful due to sociology’s relevance on the MCAT and in the medical world. Other students may be able to connect the course’s teachings to their own lives, making it a great core choice.”

“Absolutely. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become more educated about societies and how they function. It is really fascinating.”

“YES. The class material was very interesting, textbook was a good read, professor was always willing to answer questions and knew about her topics, class was relevant to what was currently happening and applicable for medical professions or even just normal students.”

“Yes. This course is a very straightforward introduction to sociology and teaches the important concepts required to have an understanding of it. I didn’t know much about sociology before taking the course, and was only really in it for the core, but I learned a lot and have a greater appreciation for this area of study now.”

“Yes, i would recommend it for core, major, and pre-med students. It’s just a really interesting course and you learn so much about sociology. I also loved that Professor Fan incorporated medical/health information because thats the field I’m interested in pursuing.”

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in healthcare. I feel like this class made me observant of social interactions and will help me in the future.”

“Yes, I would definitely recommend this course to other students, as the workload is very manageable and I think the knowledge I have gained through this class will be utilized in my future career. As I stated above, Professor Fan wants to students to focus on learning the material, and the way her class is structured ensures this.”

“Yes I would, it provided a solid foundation of social principles that are needed in order to understand the world in a way that allows us to interact with others in a fair and beneficial way.”

Selected Student Comments: Regression Models for Categorical Data

What are the strengths of this course?

“The course offers a strong overview of methods of categorical analysis and some STATA overview.”

“This course is pretty hard but indeed helpful.”

“The topic is definitely interesting. The case studies of articles constituted nice exercises.”

“The professor was very knowledgeable on the subjects being taught!”

“The strength of the course is Professor Fan’s interactive teaching style. She calls on students during class session to interpret coefficients and different statistics. She also had in class exercises for students to complete. I think this was a very notable strength for the class.”

“The lecture style is very clear and organized.”

“The professor is very well organized. She returns the assignments in time.”

“The assignments are very much appropriate given the course lectures. The time to complete exercises in class was helpful to put concepts into practice immediately.”

“The selection of topics. The instructor is very knowledgeable.”

Would you recommend this course to other students, majors, etc.? Why or why not?

“I would recommend it to anyone with a good grasp of OLS regression (this should be a requirement for all).”

“Yes! The material was helpful, and you got to learn Stata, which was also helpful.”

“Yes. Challenging.”

“I would absolutely recommend this course to other students who would like to learn regression analysis for social sciences.”

“Yes, if they have a background in statistics because it is a very thorough course on regression and using stata.”

“Yes. Great class! I like that the professor continually asked for feedback throughout the class.”