Compiled here is a list of resources I’ve been using to conduct analysis and to write papers, as well as references I go back to over and over again over the years.


Some notes on text editors for Stata users (If you use Sublime Text, Stata Enhanced is a must-have package.)
Seriously, every Stata question you have has an answer in here…
Making regression tables in Stata
Coding with Mata in Stata


R is incomplete without RStudio and knitr.
R Reference Card
R Markdown Cheatsheet


The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List
Comparison of TeX editors (Texmaker is a good choice. If you use Sublime Text, I recommend LaTexTools.)


Write or Die
Written? Kitten!


CSS Tutorial

Articles/Video Clips Sent by Intro Students

    – Fluidity of sexual orientation: A TED talk sent by Emily Lynch (“Fifty shades of gay“) [Fall 2015]
    – Gender and the workplace: An article sent by Katie Wheeler (“Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting“) [Fall 2015]
    – An article sent by Tiffany Kwan (“The two Asian Americans“) [Fall 2015]
    – What can we learn from the Netherlands: An article sent by Jessica Lyons (“Worried about your teenage daughter? Move to the Netherlands“) [Spring 2016]